2017年的“三会合一”为 包头吸引来了3000家参展商、采购商In 2017, the "Three Crises" attracted 3,000 exhibitors and buyers

2017-12-26 17:18     编辑:王璐


On August 18, the opening of the 18th session of China green food expo, the fifth China, Inner Mongolia, green livestock products exhibition, the 4th China in baotou, beef and mutton industry convention, attracted 1700 exhibitors, more than 1700 people, 1300 buyers, more than 4000 people, of record of all, the exhibition highlight the "gold mine" of powerful forces, its economic benefit and social benefit is more and more obvious.


"We just want to through this exhibition, to expand business visibility, develop a broader market." Inner Mongolia hong shan yi winery co., LTD. Is a developed 2015 red wine production enterprises, its sales director Li Jinghui, just watch the beef and mutton industry convention of this platform, as well as its good publicity and product sales of the role of a bridge, they for the first time this year to participate in the exhibition.


And hong shan yi winery co., LTD. Have the same idea from hebei exhibitors: "because of baotou, beef and mutton industry convention, in the whole of China is a very famous, do a good show, so we want to use this platform, so can we cognition of national food industry enterprises and brands."


Since 2014, baotou held three consecutive in baotou, China international conference on beef and mutton industries and green livestock products expo, and organize the city agriculture leading enterprise, cooperative, participate in national and regional exhibitions more than 30 games. Over the past three years, a total of more than 1000 enterprises exhibitors attending both at home and abroad, products related to milk, meat, vegetables, potatoes, grain and oil, fluffy kind, egg, forests economy, agricultural machinery, "area" characteristic of 12 major categories of more than 700 kinds of products. The total number of transactions and orders reached nearly 20 billion yuan, and more than 800,000 people were visited during the exhibition.


"The exhibition is large and popular, and our company feels confident." From la shan au NieShun yuan, is a camel hair products production enterprise's boss, this time, he prepared a well-stocked cashmere products, see the exhibition sales so well, the first time to participate in the exhibition he some relaxation of thought should bring some more goods.

据湖南省绿色食品发展中心主任李明介绍,他们组织参展商参加此次展会,主要商品侧重内蒙古当地市场,主要有茶叶类商品,如安化黑茶以及各式红茶等 。在他们组织的这些企业中,有一大部分企业是来寻求商机,希望能与专业的采购商对接,实现大宗买卖的达成。

According to hunan province green food development center director li Ming, they organize the exhibition for exhibitors, main products focus on the local market in Inner Mongolia, there are mainly tea commodities, such as we black tea, and all kinds of black tea, etc. Among the companies they organize, a large proportion of them are looking for business opportunities, hoping to connect with professional buyers to achieve a big deal.


"' three meet one 'for the first time held in baotou, baotou city to play a role of economic and social undertakings development, especially for the development of modern agriculture, the construction of the green livestock products deep processing base, the output of livestock products, etc., has a great role in promoting. The exhibition has led and promoted the agricultural and livestock products of our city from Inner Mongolia, to the whole country and even to the world. Baotou city agriculture bureau deputy director xu pavilion is introduced, the exhibition covers the 31 provinces of exhibitors, the exhibition of beef and mutton milk products involving all kinds of farming and animal husbandry industry, is the largest in four years, the largest number, products is one of the most complete exhibition.


In the only one morning exhibition, baotou baiying agriculture and animal husbandry development co., LTD. Has reached two purchasing intentions with buyers and is engaged in a deeper negotiation.



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