繁华背后渴望放大产业效应Prosperity has a desire to magnify the industrial effect

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Industry insiders say that the exhibition industry input 1, output can reach 9. When an exhibition is held, it is the equivalent of throwing money from the sky. Baotou cannot ignore such a sunrise industry.


Industry insiders also say that the exhibition market in a region needs to be incubated for 3-5 years to integrate resources, build platforms and save energy. Baotou exhibition industry is in the market incubation period, with the vitality of the domestic economic and social development, a round of exhibition economy spring tide is surging.


It's not just the site


On March 24, 2016 Mongolian characteristics of baotou, China products expo in baotou international conference and exhibition center, nearly hundred enterprises with Mongolia with cross-border, ten thousand kinds of special products from different region of cashmere products, wool products, leather products, meat products, dairy products, such as attracting a large number of citizens, convention and exhibition center at that time become the focus of baotou.


In baotou in the past three years, the international convention and exhibition center with the increase of the exhibition attracts attention, rare earth expo, equipment exhibition, show, room rendezvous, beef and mutton industries conference, jewellery, we show... Every citizen takes his or her needs from the flowery exhibition.


In 2015 alone, there are all kinds of exhibition 42 games, which are held in nearly every field, covers the whole city scale (exhibition area of 10000 square meters) above, all show the tuyere of baotou exhibition economy. Among them, equipment manufacturing exposition, in baotou rare earth industry exposition, beef and mutton industry assembly based on the resources and industrial advantages, after several operations, has grown into domestic exhibition industry brand.


Second beef and mutton industries conference held during the 5 days at home and abroad to attract the audience in all nearly 40000 person-time, signed more than 70 investment cooperation projects, investment amount of 15.8 billion yuan, the total order reached 2.78 billion yuan RMB, the sales of 9.26 million yuan, let more people see the strength of animal husbandry in baotou.


The second international equipment manufacturing industry expo held the same period and the 11th receive BBS for industry and commerce between China and Russia, with 32000 professional visitors, accumulative total turnover of 650 million yuan, reached cooperation intention, 36, amount more than $1.85 billion, $80 million overseas purchasing groups to clinch a deal, especially the customers from Africa, showed particularly eager purchase enthusiasm. Chinese and Russian Mongolian and Mongolian industrial and commercial BBS received more than 550 guests and signed 20 economic and trade cooperation agreements worth about 4 billion yuan. These two fairs are becoming a big platform for the opening of baotou.


Three years ago, baotou international convention and exhibition center was built, ending the local inability to run large-scale exhibition hardware constraints. Today, baotou's exhibition economy is starting to sail from here.


The effect of the exhibition economic output is released


The auto show, the jewelry exhibition, the annual goods exhibition and so on because of its popularity and consumption attribute, is called by the industry "the people's exhibition".


International conference and exhibition center in baotou two year auto show, auto show volume and influence rising steadily, increasingly brought to the attention of the organizers, car manufacturers and dealers, gradually formed a auto show pattern of baotou.


Three years ago, Beijing faw international group co., LTD., as the organizer, signed a contract with the convention center. To move auto market, RGL international invest a lot of manpower and material resources, financial resources, advertising, logistic booth, all from the field, even decorated luxury car forklift driver hired from the other cities, because at that time in baotou is difficult to find qualified service provider.


After many times, the international auto show is getting better and better. With the aid of all kinds of exhibition, local referral services team is rapidly growing, has been able to share the advertisement design, logistics, booth structures, functions, such as preparations for localization for RGL international saves a lot of money.


At the same time, the consumer enthusiasm of baotou citizens has aroused the greater investment of automobile manufacturers. Take the design of luxurious special booth for example, last year at the auto show only this kind of booth area alone 18000 square meters. In order to compete for consumers, each time the auto show faw-volkswagen and the Shanghai Volkswagen face to face, the competition is fierce.


It is understood that in the past three years, ciac has passed the early stage of market incubation period of the auto show, and has entered the harvest period, which has formed a virtuous circle of publicity cost, labor and logistics cost, and booth fee rise. And before the Spring Festival at the spring fair, from Beijing, Inner Mongolia, shanxi, hebei and other places more than 400 into the size of the agent in baotou international conference and exhibition center, half a month to create a turnover of 29 million yuan, many dealers sold out, had to transfer from other place temporarily.


Exhibition center career planning department minister xiao-wei Yang said, convention and exhibition center as base of exhibition economy, only the manufacturer, consumers, media planning, logistics, building, hotel catering and tourism resources integrated effectively, to construct the pattern of large conference and exhibition, and released in full effect of the output of exhibition economy. Thanks to the popularity of the local exhibition economy, two major national exhibitions, the cultural book fair and the national sports fair, will be held in baotou in the second half of the year. "It's hard to imagine a big exhibition like this without the prior accumulation." "Yang said.


Break the barriers to self-service


In 2015, baotou international exhibition center held 42 exhibitions, a year-on-year growth of 90.5%. Of the 2,960 exhibitors, a year-on-year increase of 118%; The exhibition area exceeded 240,000 square meters with a year-on-year growth of 30.8%. The operating income of the exhibition was 9.16 million yuan, up 52 percent year on year. At the same time, we have received honorary titles such as China's top 50 exhibition center, top 50 of Chinese brand exhibition venue and 50 Chinese brand exhibition. Baotou exhibition economy's vigorous development can be seen.


However, it is undeniable that there are still some gaps in the baotou exhibition industry in the incubation period compared with the advanced areas in China.


In the case of baotou equipment manufacturing fair, this exhibition has been held for two consecutive terms, but the participation of local enterprises is not high and the brand effect is not strong. While in Beijing, Shanghai and other places of international large equipment exhibition, exhibitors and professional spectators gathered at home and abroad, project investment, discuss the activities frequently, has become a barometer of the development of equipment manufacturing industry.


Back in the western region industrial city of baotou, one machine, BeiChong group, with north toward heavy truck and other large equipment manufacturing enterprises, how to enlarge baotou equipment manufacturing brand effect of the expo, has become the domestic exhibition industry.


Yang believes that resource integration is the way to solve the problem. Yang xiaowei said, the equipment manufacturing enterprises in our city all have the new product launch, image promotion, the need to attract investment, but go to the field to participate cost is bigger. If the exhibition on the front door is large enough and powerful enough to meet the needs of the company's new push, technology display and project negotiation, these enterprises will surely seek to be near.


In the integration of resources, the service functions of government departments should be fully utilized. During the preparation of the exhibition, the government departments can solicit the needs of enterprises through various channels, and rationally coordinate and form the series of activities of the equipment exhibition. In this way, enterprises can be alleviated from their own wars, which can not form a resultant dilemma, and can also enhance the overall brand image of baotou equipment manufacturing and exhibition industry. At the same time, local exhibitions can be used as platforms for opening up, and provide opportunities for foreign investors to explore local investment environment and industrial development.


"The government will make the exhibition economy more successful." "Yang said.

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