Baotou Airport adds five new air routes

2019-11-04 15:30   Baotou China  

Baotou Airport launched five new air routes with a launch ceremony held on Oct 27, marking the beginning of the winter season, according to a report in the Baotou Daily.

The newly launched air routes are being operated by Hainan Airlines, Ruili Airlines, Zhejiang Loong Airlines Co and China Express Airlines.

The Baotou-Shijiazhuang-Xiamen flight, operated by Hainan Airlines, is scheduled to fly once daily. The Kunming-Baotou-Shenyang flight, operated by Ruili Airlines, will fly four times a week.

The Baotou-Taiyuan-Hangzhou flight, operated by Zhejiang Loong Airlines Co, is scheduled to fly four times a week.

The Guiyang-Baotou-Taiyuan and the Tianjin-Baotou-Chongqing flights, operated by China Express, will fly four times a week.

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