Baotou participants top tour guide competition

2019-06-21 11:01   Baotou China  

Three young tour guides from Baotou, in North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region, won first and second prize at a region tour guide competition that concluded in in the capital Hohhot on June 6, according to local media.

A total of 30 candidates from leagues and cities in the autonomous region competed for the awards -- including prizes given for performance and elegance – being judged on activities such as presenting and promoting tourist attractions and answering a series of questions, with a talent show staged in the finals.

The awards aim to encourage vocational skills and good practice within the profession.

The three Baotou participants, Meng Wenlu, Du Jing, and Liu Hui, stood out from more than 1,300 tours guides in Baotou and took part in the final competition held in Hohhot on behalf of Baotou city.

Participants in the finals of the Inner Mongolia Tour Guide Competition pose for a group photo on June 6. [Photo/Federation of trade Unions of Inner Mongolia autonomous region]

A Baotou participant gives a presentation on June 6 to Chilechuan Museum, located in Tumd Right Banner of Baotou, which is the only museum which specializes on the culture and history of the region. [Photo/Federation of trade Unions of Inner Mongolia autonomous region]

Participants demonstrate their skills in a talent show staged during the finals on June 6. [Photo/Federation of trade Unions of Inner Mongolia autonomous region]

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