Tourism revenue hits 35.15m yuan in Shiguai district

2019-05-08 17:52   Baotou China  

Baotou’s Shiguai district recorded a surge in tourists with 174,936 visitors streaming in during the four-day holiday period which ran from May 1-4, according to a report in the Baotou Daily.

Officials said tourism revenue during the period hit 35.15 million yuan ($5.19 million).

Wudang Lamasery, one of the major tourist attractions in the district, received the most tourists during the holiday period, with a total of 18,200 arriving.

To maintain a safe and orderly environment for tourists, the district introduced extra security patrols and inspections at key tourist attractions, with special arrangements to ensure adequate numbers of officials were on duty to handle any complaints over the holiday period.

Wudang Lamasery in Shiguai district is one of the three most famous lamaseries for Tibetan Buddhism in China. It is on its way to becoming a national 5A-level scenic area. [Photo provided to]

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