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Yong sheng cheng Supermarket

Linyin Store

Address: No. 18 of Youyi, South Linyin Road, KundulunDistrict

Tel: 0472-2328822

Shenhua Store:

Address: Shenhua International Exhibition Center,Kundulun District

Tel: 0472-5111451

Xinglong Store:

Address: South Baiyun Road, Kundulun District

Tel: 1592444763

Zhaotan Store

Address: 500 meters in front of Baotou Station

Tel: 0472-6962186

Shuntong Store:

Address: intersection of Tongshun Road and Shengli Road, Donghe District

Tel: 0471-4175656

Beijing Hualian Supermarket

Baotou store:

Address: No.17 of Youyi Street, Qingshan District

Tel: 0472-2524378

Wenhua Road store:

Address: No.6 community, Hudemulin Street, QingshanDistrict

Tel: 0472-3469016

Xinyuan Store:

Address: intersection of San Ba Road, Gangtie Street, Kundulun district

Tel: 0472-2524363

Wal-Mart Supermarket

Address: Times Fortune Square, intersection of Wenhua Road and Xingfu Road, Qingshan Distric t

Tel: 0471-3109866

Watson’s personal care store

Shopping center store:

Address: first floor in Weiyi Shopping Center, No. 65Gangtie Street

Wanda Squre

Address: first floor in Wanda Squre, No. 26 of Qingnian Road, Qingshan District

Wangfujing Supermarket

Address: No.63 of Wenhua Road, Qingshan District

No. 69 ofGangtie Street, Kundulun District

Baotou Department Supermarket

Haiwei Store:

Address: intersection of Kunbei Road and Binggong Road, Kundulun District

Tel: 0472-5210003

Jiuxing Store:

Address: intersection of Kexue Road and Fuqiang Road,Qingshan District

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