Baotou marks progress in rare earth alloy electrode materials

2020-05-12 15:28   Baotou China  

A production line for rare earth magnesium-nickel hydrogen storage alloy electrode materials has been established by Baotou Zhongke Xuanda New Energy Technology Co. [Photo/Baotou Daily]

Baotou Zhongke Xuanda New Energy Technology Co, based in Baotou, North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region, has successfully developed a new rare earth hydrogen storage alloy electrode material production line with independent intellectual property rights, according to Xinhua.

The production line was put into operation recently, and the products are officially supplied to domestic nickel-metal hydride battery companies.

Its products have the characteristics of high capacity, low self-discharge and low temperature, and can be widely used in high-security green and environmentally friendly nickel-hydrogen power batteries, providing high-performance key materials for hybrid vehicles, hydrogen fuel cells and solid-state hydrogen storage.

Compared with traditional AB5 hydrogen storage alloy electrode materials, the new rare earth hydrogen storage alloy material developed by Zhongke Xuanda increases battery capacity by more than 30 percent, officials said.

The battery’s process performance, dynamic performance and low-temperature characteristics are greatly improved.

The promotion and application of the products will improve the performance and market competitiveness of nickel-hydrogen power battery products of downstream enterprises, and at the same time play a positive role in promoting the balanced and healthy development of the upstream light rare earth industry.

This project has obtained three domestically authorized invention patents and applied for one foreign invention patent.

Baotou Zhongke Xuanda New Energy Technology was co-founded by the Baotou Rare Earth Research and Development Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and Qinhuangdao Xuanda New Energy Technology Co.

The company focuses on research and development, technical services, technology transfers, and production and sales related to new energy power batteries and materials. It also produces and sells rare earths alloys, ferroalloys, and nickel alloys.

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