Baogang Group provides steel for Hohhot Metro

2018-11-22 10:19   Baotou China  

Baogang Group, an iron and steel State-owned enterprise based in Baotou, has been supporting construction work on the Hohhot Metro Line 1 and Line 2 projects, with 1,500 tons of steel supplied so far, according to Baotou Daily.

The two metro lines represent the first metro projects in Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

The rails include 25 meter-U75V rails and U71Mn rails.

Construction work on the project began in August 2015. The two metro lines are expected to go into operation in December 2019. At present, rail track is being installed on both lines.

So far, 8 kilometers of the subway track has been completed.

A crane lifts the 25-meter-long rails onto the track-laying base and then transports them to the various sections for installation at the construction site of Hohhot Metro Line 1, Nov 19. [Photo/Baotou Daily]

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