Wan Hao International Hotel

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Wan Hao International Hotel is located at No.33 Gangtie Street in Baotou, the central areaof the CBD, with total investment of 550,000,000 RMB, 30 minutes drive from airport and15 minutes from the railway station. The height of the building is 99.8 meters. There aretotal 30 floors—2 underground and 28 over ground, with total area of 122400 ㎡, includingoffice buildings of 28613㎡, executive apartments of 28780 ㎡, exquisite shops of 2110 ㎡and hotel of 62897 ㎡.


Chinese restaurant is located on 2nd and 3rd floor. More than 30 deluxe compartments mainly trading slap-up seafood, such as bird’s nest,abalone and shark fin. The multifunctional banqueting hall can accommodate more than 1500 people. Western restaurant, located on 27th floor, embodies western buffet, Japanese barbecue,Italy flavor and VIP chamber. It can hold more than 200 guests to have a meal at the same time.

★Guests Room:

More than 400 comfortable and mutifunctional guest rooms could be as the wonderful home for business and tourism guests. On 26th floor,the super President Suite with more than 1200 square meters completely shows King Style.


The 28th floor is good for business men working effectively, which is located on 21th-23nd floor. Besides, Business Center serves for international fax, long-distance calls and internet.


There are 14 VIP reception rooms in different size, which can accommodate more than 1,000 guests to attend the meeting at the same time. Meeting room configuration of all modern conference facilities can provide you with round-table,remote video conferencing,seminars,team meeting and other business services.


There are 38 KTV private rooms on 4th floor of superior quality, which is your first choice of entertainment.

First-story underground has swimming pool and bath for leisure, and here you could taste delicious food as well. On 27th and 28th floor there is a Fitness Center and 28 Chess Rooms, where have installed automatic equipments for shuffling and the good lights for your eyes.


At the hotel hall, there are two special stores, which sell famous brand clothes,national crafts, souvenirs and daily necessities. You could store your luggage or exchange currency at the front for free.There are more than 600 parking places in our hotel,and 80 of them set on second-story underground,which could fully satisfy the guests requirement.

Wan Hao International Hotel is a Five-Star Luxury Hote witch includes repast, guest room,business and recreation.All staff of Wan Hao International Hotel is looking forward to your visit. Here, you will enjoy warm, romantic and good times.

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