Baotou Airport boosts flights to Bangkok

2019-07-17 10:05   Baotou China  

A new Baotou-Bangkok direct flight is to be opened on July 13, according to Baotou Airport.

The flight, operated by Thai Vietjet Air, will use an Airbus 320. It is scheduled to fly once a week.

The flight will take off in Bangkok at 14:45 and arrive in Baotou city at 21:00. The return flight will depart Baotou at 22:00 and reach Bangkok at 02:30 the next day (Beijing time).

Officials said the launch of the direct flight will provide further convenience for passengers traveling between the two regions and boost exchanges between North China and Southeast Asia.

In addition, it is expected to promote Sino-Thai economic and trade exchanges.

Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand [Photo/VCG]

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