Baotou first China green card issued

2018-07-03 16:03   Baotou Daily  

Jerry,Nigerian, the first foreigner who got Chinese Green card in Baotou from Baotou government service hall on June 25.

Permanent resident permit, also called Chinese green card, is a certificate of the foreigner who is able to stay in China and the deadline is unlimited.

Up to now, 3 foreigners have got permanent resident permit in Baotou city.

As Jerry an example, foreigners who apply permanent resident permit have to take marriage certificate, the spouse id card, life assurance certificate, housing certificate, medical examination report and Notarial Certificate of Non-criminal Punishment to the Entry and exit administration ofBaotou Public Security Bureau.

Generally, one is able to get the green card in six months. Baotou Daily reports on July 2.

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